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Halloween Hong Kong outdoor parties 2018

Halloween outdoor party guide for you October is one of the best months to be in Hong Kong, especially for fun and vibrant outdoor activities. There are no more flying cockroaches or aircon dripping on us, and we absolutely enjoy the crisp breeze! This year's...

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How Easy Connect upgrade a Rooftop Terrace

"How do I improve my Rooftop with lights?" Many users ask this question, and the answer is simple - all you need is Easy Connect and a few plants in pots! Today we are going to fix up a rooftop terrace at the mid-levels, and we will show you the difference it makes...

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Rooftop Lighting for Hong Kong apartments

Rooftop lighting is hard to find in Hong Kong Plenty of rooftop, terrace and gardens are not being used to their potential in this city. Why are homeowners not utilising their outdoor space as much as they would like to? It is because, outdoor lights are usually not...

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