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Hong Kong is a festive, diverse and multicultural city, and we are always celebrating something with our friends, don’t you think?

Halloween, Christmas, CNY, Easter, Cinco di Mayo, St. Patrick’s day, thanksgiving, Hanukkah and NYE. So many events yearly.

HK moms: How can throwing parties be less hassle and more flexible?

Answer is :

You need Easy Connect colour string light which comes with 4 different colour bulbs ( yellow, red, green and blue), also some extra bulbs and a plug.

Especially if,

  • you want quick result
  • You want to freely reposition your lights anywhere in the house
  • You want to change bulb colour as you like, for different occasions

Easy Connect is such a great solution to sustainable lifestyle.

With our outdoor lighting which can last for years, you can stop buying plastic, single-use decoration for your home, and start making better decision for the environment.

If you feel that colour lighting is not something you need, you can get the warm white string light garland which is the best option for lighting for your outdoor space.

This time Easy Connect team set up a gorgeous back garden in Sai Kung and experiment on colour lighting, just on time before Halloween arrives!

Using colour bulbs on garland and spotlights

In our last post, we mentioned to make your own Halloween party with Easy Connect lighting. So, here is the tutorial for you.

We use 1 colour garland, some spotlights with colour bulbs to create above atmosphere for a garden in Sai Kung. When it’s not party time, we simply change the bulbs back to warm white for a day to day outdoor lighting set up as below.

The result after changing colour bulbs to warm white bulbs

Do you want to experiment our DIY lighting first hand but would like to see the product in person before buying them? We have some good news!

Two retail outlets in Hong Kong for Easy Connect Lighting are here for your shopping convenience. Visit and try the products on hand today!

Hong Kong side

Everything under the Sun AP LEI CHAU

Address: 902, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing St, Ap Lei Chau

Phone2554 9088

Kowloon Side

Brighten – Luxury Garden at flower market at Prince Edward

Brighten Floriculture – Luxury Garden

6 Flower Market Road, G/F

Phone: 2381 5330

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