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Halloween outdoor party guide for you

October is one of the best months to be in Hong Kong, especially for fun and vibrant outdoor activities. There are no more flying cockroaches or aircon dripping on us, and we absolutely enjoy the crisp breeze!

This year’s Halloween falls on a wednesday, so most of the events are happening over the weekend before the end of the month.

Apart from the must-try-once Disneyland Halloween time and Ocean park Halloween fest, we made a list of the best outdoor events for adults.

Read on!

While this is not exactly a Halloween event, many attandees will dress up for the night to contiue partying afterwards. Because of this reason, it makes wine and dine festival a very decent halloween event at a massive venue in the outdoor space.

Not a party person? How about organising your own gathering at home?

Do you prefer a smaller crowd, prefer house parties with people you actually know? Are you doing it for the sake of your children’s trick or treat activity?

Why not combine both for the last weekend of October?

This year, with Easy Connect Outdoor Lighting available in Hong Kong, simply order a power plug, 1 colour garland and a couple of spot lights, set them up with bare hands according to below.

You can easily decorate your space using the DIY approach. Save the money and effort of going out and make your own party!

Learn the know how of DIY lighting

You too, can throw a decent halloween house party at the comfort of your own home with almost no effort. Set up time under 30mins with a few products.

63045 FESTIVE String light garland – LED Multi colour

66002 Power Plug (UK, HK, SG)

65220 Plastic Black Spotlight w/spike 4W

Instead of dispose of anything, keep them for next occasion like xmas or birthday parties, easy and eco friendly. How? When the party finishes, just switch back to using white or warm light bulbs.

Show off your result

Example of Halloween set up

Non Halloween set up

Order yours in time for the celabration, and surprise your friends on halloween!

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