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Garden lighting in Hong Kong are usually set up by professionals, but now you can gain control by installing lights by yourself.

Introducing our lighting system

Easy Connect outdoor lighing system is the easiest and most sustainable lighting option, for home improvment.

It is a plug and play system, therefore, you don’t need a technicians for installation.

The system mimicks the LEGO® building block function but with cables, connectors and lighting fixtures. You can easily install them by yourself without tools.


66300 easy connector

If you like to DIY, please visit the HOW TO SET UP PAGE for a thorough explanation about each cateogory of our products.


Installation service

In the ever-busy Hong Kong, many of the customers would rather use our installation service, instead of do it by themselves.

For such service, our team will visit, evaluate, install and even maintain the system for you. We will first arrange a consultation session with our customer, to look at the location and lighting design together.

This way, we are able to customise a plan according to what they have in mind, and propose a product list afterwards.

After first meeting, customer will review the plan, the list of products, and possibly a mock up of the exterior design to give us go ahead.

Since it’s hard to visualise how the result actually look like, by our next visit, we will bring the products to make the installation for a live preview.

To simply describe the flow of our installation service,

  • Easy Connect team suggests an installation according to customer’s preference.
  • Our team will design and demonstrate the product set up in the real enviroment.
  • We discuss and finalise the project as final quotation.

South Bay Project

For a better idea, we are now at this beautiful open space by the sea.

It is a good size terrace, with sofa on the left, dining table and wooden deck on the right, bushes on both sides of the terrace and a lawn area as the stage in front of the ocean.

Setting up string lights on the terrace at south bay

Product list

After the 1st consultation session, we made the list below for the project,

Most of the time it will take around 2 hours for 1 person from start to finish for the installation.

Aluminium spotlights with brushed finish

65370 Brushed Aluminium Projector

65215 spotlight 10W

Spotlight with base to set on top of the wall

Setting up string lights on the terrace Sphere is also set by the provided stand on floor

Lounging area with soft lighting on the side

When the Sun goes to rest

Easy Connect sets to shine…

65370 Aluminium projector setting the vibe

Sphere and spotlights shining up the wall

Brighten up your terrace with our outdoor string lights

When the Sun goes to rest, Easy Connect sets to shine

Easy connect outdoor lighting system is made of high quality products that are built to last. Compare to low voltage or solar powered products, permanent lighting set up is a much more convenient option.

The system set up allows us to add or take away any lighting devices in the network after installation, enables different set up and themes for your outdoor space.

If you are interested to learn how we can set up your rooftop, garden or terrace too, please feel free to write to us! We will be glad to hear from you!

Easy Connect Team

Easy Connect

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