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Rooftop lighting is hard to find in Hong Kong

Plenty of rooftop, terrace and gardens are not being used to their potential in this city.

Why are homeowners not utilising their outdoor space as much as they would like to?

It is because, outdoor lights are usually not installed in older buildings in Hong Kong (it is a novelty to eat outside for most HKgers).

Fortunately, since the launch of Easy Connect HK, we are able to fix up some of the rooftops for our customers, enable the outgoing citizens to enjoy a well lit dinner or party under the stars privately!

Rooftop Lighting for Hong Kong apartments

Today, we are at a rooftop, overlooking the stunning view in the heart of the city.

Our 1st time customer, Beth, has been living at this place for quite a while now, and her apartment comes with a private rooftop. She likes to throw parties there when she is free, but, mostly during the day when there is still light, and have to move the party somewhere else once it gets dark.

You would wonder, how does this rooftop has no light at night, when the city is so bright?

Since the Hong Kong park is right below the premise, it creates a buffering distance from all the light resources. The rooftop becomes pitch black once the city dims. Hence we need to set up proper lighting in order to utilise the rooftop space.

The Set up

The rooftop is around 1000 sq ft with the outdoor furniture, nearer to the skyline, and dining table on one side and a dancefloor on the right. Without light, it’s hard to have a proper sit down meal and enjoy the outdoor space.

Beth has many plots and plants around the rooftop, and they are best friends for our spotlights.

As most of our spotlights come with a hood and spike, it’s easy to just insert them into the soil of the plants. We can easily create a nice atmosphere, also set up a shade to cover up the direct light which may shine in the eyes.



If you don’t have too many plants in pots around your place, we will suggest you to use bollards, they are stand alone lighting fixtures to be set directly on any surface, concrete, grass or tiles are all ok.

List of Product

We are able to set up the whole place with just 1 person under 2 hours, and to give you an idea on what we have used for this project, see below,

66002 Power plug x 1pc to start the network

66210 (1 metre) and 66220 (2.5 metre) network cables x 5pcs to run power throught the rooftop

66300 “T” shape connector x 2 sets – to branch out the network into two directions

66330 “+” cross shape connector x 2 sets – to branch out network for different lighting fixtures

65270 spotlight x 5 in the pots of plants

63040 warm light garland x 2 for the fence area

Here below is the fruitful result!

If you are interested to set up your garden or rooftop too, or just curious of how much it takes to make such project, write to us and our team of lighting will be happy to answer your questions. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Easy Connect Team

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