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“How do I improve my Rooftop with lights?”

Many users ask this question, and the answer is simple – all you need is Easy Connect and a few plants in pots!

Today we are going to fix up a rooftop terrace at the mid-levels, and we will show you the difference it makes with the use of Easy Connect outdoor lighting system.

Rooftop enviroment

Before we start the tutorial, let’s talk about the rooftop itself.

Imagine a large size rooftop terrace, set up with rattan sofa on the right, dining table on the left. A barbeque area at the back and large space in the middle.

Doesn’t it sound quite nice? Yes, but only if you can see at night! There is no light in the surrounding as the area is secluded, so the outdoor space has lost its’ charm once it turns dark.


Sun shining bright up the mountain

Barbeque area becomes too dark at night to grill a steak

Before Easy Connect

Without light, the rooftop has losts its charm

Enjoy Outdoor Life

If you are willing to do some work, we can gaurantee, by using 2 hours of your time, you can completely change the atmosphere of your terrace. It will make your rooftop the most popular space in the household!

Our customers enjoy the quality of life,  lounging outdoor on a summer night.

Sipping away nice wine and have a good chat with family and friends seems to be the nicest way to spend a night with love ones. It is important to have the space to do so.

Step by step

Here is the tutorial as an example of how you can plan your own installation.

1. Draft a plan to see what’s needed and what’s missing

You can roughly draw a few squares on a paper and measure the distance between objects to start with.

Most of the rooftops have objects and plants which help to fix the lights at specific locations. Therefore Plants are best as we can spike spotlights in the soil as placeholder. Plant pots can also help set a great vibe for the atmosphere of your outdoor space.

If there is no fittings anywhere on the wall or the floor to fix the lighting features, you should really go for this easy solution.

2. Getting the suitable products

When you are drawing your plan, simply measure the length you need from the plug area to the first light you want, so to determine the length of a cable you need.

We offer 50cm, 1M, 2.5M, 5M and 10 Metre cables and different in/output numbers on connectors which provide great flexibility.

Then You can choose the size of your lighting feature depending on your rooftop size (the bigger the brighter for sure), or judge by the plant pots or the surface where you want to put it.

For example, above shown are palm tree pots, it is quite large in size, therefore you can get the 65350 Aluminium Black Spotlight w/ Spike 10W

If you really don’t want to buy any plants for some reasons, there are also products that can stand alone on the floor for you. Check out different styles of bollards or other styles of spotlights without spike but a base to place on the floor.

3. DIY Installation

Easy Connect is really flexible. According to your draft, prepare your lighting “LEGO”, connect the network to your desire direction, place your lights where your plants are, or on the floor, once set up, plug it into the socket. The whole enviroment will be lit, there you go!

Try it out today! If it feels too overwhelming to make such a big project, you can always start small.

Right now, we have promotion in June fot the Stone light starter kit  set so don’t miss the opportunity to get this limited offer!

Easy Connect Team



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