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Welcome to the first step of setting up your Easy Connect Garden Lighting System, let us guide you through from the very beginning of your network by introducing the plug and play system.

66300 easy connector

66002 – Plug Type 「G」

This is the beginning of the system where you plug in our Easy connect plug to your power source

66002 power plug

66200 / 66210 / 66220 / 66230

Easy Connect extension cables – 50cm / 1M / 2.5M / 5M

66210 extension cable 66220 extension cable66230 extension cable

Easy Connect Connectors

66300 / 66330 / 66350 / 66370

66300 easy connector 66330 easy connector 66350 easy connector66370 easy chain connector

The Wireless Control set – 67103 Wireless Contoller and 67170 Wireless Control Switch allows you to create different zones in your outdoor space to save time and energy to turn on and off your lighting system.

After plugging the plug to the power source, you can connect a wireless control box to the system before continuing to install various lighting feature afterwards. It can then control on/off of the lighting features that are connected to the zone.

You can get multiple control box for different areas of your outdoor space and if you need extra switches to put in your car you can purchase the switch alone.

For more information, please read the instruction manual on the product packaging after purchase.

67103 on off control box67103 on off control box

67170 switch set

The easiest way to shed some lights on your garden or rooftop darkness is to get some string lights / garlands and put them on top of any surface, it helps create a nice atmosphere for your outdoor space without the installation plan.

63040 Warm White

63045 Multicolour

Our extensive EASY CONNECT lighting features are versatile and cover all your needs of light.

We have different types of spotlights available to suit your taste in the finishing of product.

Black aluminum, brushed aluminim, stainless steel or plastic are all available.

Please visit our product page for more information.

65270 Aluminium Spiked Spotlight 65350 Spiked Spotlight 65370 spiked spotlight

Our decklights and mini decklights are one of a kind. You can easily install these decklights by yourself using a drill and no other tools.

Various sizes are also available for your different needs.

65426 set of 3 60mm Dia 1W warm white

65426 recessed lights

65436 75mm Dia 2W warm white

65436 recessed lights

65426 recessed lights

If you have a garden or a bigger outdoor space, where you can spike on grass or drill holes on concret, the bollars are for you.

we carry different types of the them to provide options

65204 60cm Stainless Steel bollard






64210 Square bollard 30cm








Sphere 25cm Dia







Sphere 35cm Dia






Personalise service & Installation service are now available

Want to use Easy Connect lighting system at your rooftop and garden but you don’t have time to DIY?

Easy Connect can plan and install for you.

Our experienced team can plan and design your outdoor lighting for you

Email us to find out more!

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