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Best outdoor light – String lights

When it comes to installing DIY lights, you would want to do it using String light, simply because, it is the easiest and fastest option to decorate a large area for an outdoor party, in a very quick manner.

To celebrate New Year’s Eve in style, our team put together a combined 110m of Easy Connect #stringlight .

Below, we will briefly describe how we decorate this boat house at Discovery bay, for the celebration.

What did we use?

22 sets string light garland, 176 LED lights , one single power socket (for 88W electric consumption)

63040 Warm White String light

How do we know how many lights we need?

First, we measure the distance we need to install on the boathouse, so that we know what to prepare.

The key is to check where a straight line of cable can be tied in place, as the rough estimation of distance.

Since each of our garland cable is 5 metre long, after measuring the space, we know there is 110M of distance to cover.

Our 63040 String Light with connector set, as each set is 5M long, which means to install light chain all around the boat, we need 100M / 5M = 22 sets

How long does it take?

Assembly time: 1 person in just over 2 hours.

The main reason why customers choose Easy connect solution over tranditional electrical installation is because,

  • It’s quick to assemble
  • It’s user friendly
  • products are removable and relocateable
  • You can install by yourself without calling a electrician
  • IP44 waterproof Garland with IP67 waterproof connectors
  • Economically priced product with guarantee

Order your set of Plug and String light to try it out today!

For more information on how to install Easy Connect Outdoor lighting, visit our how to set up page or ask us about installation service.

Easy Connect Team



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